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PHONE: Brotherhood: 661-327-9376 Centro De Colores: 661-845-3753

Fax: Brotherhood - 661-327-7649 Centro De Colores - 661-845-4866


CSO has been a part of Kern County since 1947. The company’s main focus was on empowering the minority population and helping them to connect with the many resources here. Over time, we moved towards Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services and have been doing the latter since. Our priority is to ensure that everyone is entitled to get the help and services that are available to them. We strive to offer the best and most advanced services that we are able to and in a timely manner.

Our Team

  • Jerry Ortega

    Jerry Ortega RADT-I Program Coordinator

  • Rachel Cortez

    Rachel Cortez RADT-I SUD Counselor Intern_Drug Prevention Specialist

  • Edward Garcia

    Edward Garcia CATC-CAS SUD Counselor

  • Ramona Valle

    Ramona Valle AMFT SUD-Therapist

  • Silvia Leyva

    Silvia Leyva Office Manager

Lamont Office