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PHONE: Brotherhood: 661-327-9376 Centro De Colores: 661-845-3753

Fax: Brotherhood - 661-327-7649 Centro De Colores - 661-845-4866

A team committed to helping you cope with life challenges.
staff of CSOBHL

COMMUNITY SERVICE ORGANIZATION BEHAVIORAL HEALTH PROGRAM (BROTHERHOOD CENTER) is teamed with expert staff that are excellent in rendering services that provide solutions to problems that typically involve medications, procedures, and advice. We ensure that we can be able to help improve and promote overall health and well-being within the general population. They are trained and knowledgeable in assisting individuals in dealing with life challenges and are passionate about enhancing their quality of life.

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Our Team

  • Amelia Rivera

    Amelia Rivera RADT-I SUD Counselor

  • Daisy Godinez

    Daisy Godinez RADT-I SUD Counselor

  • Frank Jimenez Jr.

    Frank Jimenez Jr.CADC-II SUD Counselor

  • Jerry Ortega

    Jerry Ortega RADT-I Program Coordinator

  • Juan Garcia

    Juan GarciaExecutive Director

  • Laura Allison Brown

    Laura Allison Brown AMFT,LPCC SUD Therapist

  • Lucia Cervantes

    Lucia Cervantes Support Staff

  • Rachel Cortez

    Rachel Cortez RADT-I SUD Counselor Intern_Drug Prevention Specialist

  • Teri John

    Teri John RADT-I SUD Counselor Intern_Support Staff

  • Tracy Corbett

    Tracy Corbett CADC-II SUD Counselor

  • Virginia Brown

    Virginia Brown Support Staff

  • Dummy Image

    Jeanette Kennedy Cecil AMFT SUD Therapist